Core Areas


Globalisation, increased competition and the pressure to be more effective and innovative has led to restructuring and reorganisation in both the private and public sectors. Change is the new constant. Internal improvement projects, often several at a time, are the rule of the day.

Organisations take high risks when they prefer to stay in their comfort zone and adjust to change at their own pace. Return on investment can be secured only when employees manage to "hang in there" and take ownership of strategic challenges. Change fatigue is often an additional problem.

Equality and diversity
Gender equality is often limited to a question regarding womens' rights and diversity is often defined in narrow terms and limited to e.g. questions regarding ethnic discrimination.

Discrimination is serious both for its victims and for society. Inequality is bad for business; recruiting from only part of the population does not make any sense. It is also discrimatory.

Taking gender equality and diversity seriously in the private sector can affect the bottom line. It is also a way of demonstrating corporate social responsibility.

In the public sector, the goal of equal treatment means that public services need to be adjusted to the needs of the whole population. In the last instance gender equality and diversity are about the effective use of public funds and democracy.

Formal equal rights are widespread but genuine equality is still a goal in most societies. We need equal opportunities for all in all areas of life.