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Testimonials: what our clients say about us 
"Woon is easy to work with and spreads her positivism around her. Her ability to get things done and get other people activated is remarkable. Within minutes she got a large number of people who had been sleeping through the whole meeting enthusiastic...Woon got the trust of the senior managers as well as those much lower down in the organisation..." 
Jonas Kristoffersson, Deloitte Consulting (Finland)

"I have collaborated with Woon on a research paper over the course of a year and continue to work with her on related projects. The most remarkable thing about Woon is her unusual combination of two distinct forms of intelligence, the academic and the practical. On the one hand, she is a genuine intellectual and on the other, she has a superb ability to analyse objectives and map out the discrete tasks that must be accomplished. She is loyal, energetic and committed and has a wonderful capacity for organizing staff and for steering them in the right direction."
Prof. Aristide Zolberg, University-in-Exile Professor of Political Science, The New School, New York.

"Woon's 100% satisfactory delivery of her facilitating role in this event does not allow any development needs to be identified. Empathy quickly established with participants; good understanding of client organisation needs (partly through previous experience with it) and willingness to take on board specific event-based needs and work constructively with all the organisational partners in particular the conference rapporteur; solid training skills combined with knowledge of the subject matter of the event."
Simon Tonelli, Head of Migration Division, Council of Europe (France)

"Woon comes with a well of varied experience from both public and private sector and brings to any discussion different and interesting perspectives based on her varied background as anthropologist, manager and executive. She is solution-oriented, analytical and extremely articulate, enabling her to present a case and an argument succinctly and convincingly. Woon provides an effective and safe way to solve a problem or map complex issues while providing possible ways forward."
Jon Lidén, Director of Communications, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Switzerland)

”You were clear and eloquent when talking on this subject (diversity and equality) in a down-to-earth and not overly academic manner."
Marianne Njøten, Personnel Director, Skatteetaten (the Inland Revenue Service)

”The first time I spoke to you I immediately sensed I was talking to a professional consultant. You are punctual, provide clear feed-back, behave in a professional manner and have a pleasant charisma."
Arne Kristian Langeland, Handelshøyskolen BI (BI Norwegian School of Management)

"The consultant did not take long to understand the task .... which was about changes that should be made to our work processes to improve our earnings. Through this she presented a recommendation which has been very useful to us. The consultant's personality, approach to the challenge and ability to present her findings, makes our management group better equipped to make the right decisions. We are very pleased with the result!"
Rune Johansen, Divison Manager, Hafslund Entreprenør AS

”Woon is easy to work and communicate with. A skilled professional with a contagious commitment. Structured and orderly. Woon has the ability to quickly grasp the task and arrive at a solution within a framework that satisfies the client's requirements in an efficient and independent manner."
Lars Bangen, Managing Director, Hafslund Entreprenør

”I appreciate Woon's ability to get people involved and motivated. Also her ability to be direct and constructive in her criticism. In addition, Woon has always been very focused on results and goals, which is very important."
Kristin Lian, Project Manager, ”Prosjekt Oppdrift” (Fra Forvaltning til Forretning), Viken Energi

”I do not think there has ever been a project like the "Andre Krav" project within the National Insurance Administration with so many challenges and claimants. The kickoff meeting was a success. It brought together working environments that will and can contribute to this reorganization process. ...The cost/benefit ratio of the measures are considered as very high."
Prof Jon Lereim, quality assurance, external consultant from PriceWaterhouseCoopers for Rikstrygdeverket (the National Insurance Administration)

"Woon was brought into the project at very short notice to help out. In a fabulous manner Woon managed to get the instructors - who had been given very little time to prepare - to make good and inspirational contributions. But first and foremost, through her program, Woon managed to create enthusiasm and motivation for future organizational changes. The evaluations from all participants gave us a 9.1 for the process design (out of 10) and 8.8 for usefulness (out of 10)."
Jan Christian Sandberg, Project Manager, Toll-og avgiftsdirektoratet (Directorate of Customs and Excise)

"She is very focused and neutral without being indifferent. She understands not only differences in cultures but also personalities and has an amazing way to get through those differences and turn them to the advantage of the process. It would have helped a lot to have her here a few months more".
Johanna Tõtterman, Vice-President, Orion Pharma (Finland)